About us

About us

The idea of Skill Solutions evolved from the founder Pauline Ryan not being able to keep up with demand for her services to provide loans to the consumer. Pauline began training brokers in 2000 where she conducted small lessons from her home.

Pauline’s exceptional knowledge of the mortgage broking industry combined with her passion for delivering quality, industry-ready training became the foundation of Skill Solutions and, following industry growth, Skill Solutions became a Registered Training Organisation in 2008

The course for Mortgage Broking is continually evolving as both the legislative and consumer requirements are always changing. The Skill Solutions Mortgage Broking program has subsequently evolved over the years, driven by the industry’s need for an inclusive program that meets the demands of individual groups and allows for practical work-life experience from successful organisations.

What sets Skill Solutions apart from other providers is that our practical, informative courses are delivered by actual mortgage brokers who know both the pain and the joy of being a mortgage broker.

Our trainers are at the coalface of the industry, they are in front of and accountable to the most important person of all, the client.