22253VIC Cert III in EAL (Access)

22253VIC Cert III in EAL (Access)

22251VIC Certificate III in EAL (Access)



To be eligible for the award of the 22253VIC Certificate III in EAL (Access), learners must

successfully complete a total of 8 units comprising:

1 Core unit

1 Speaking and Listening unit

1 Reading and Writing unit

2 Language Skills elective units which can be selected from Speaking and Listening and / or

Reading and Writing units which have not been previously completed from:

  • this qualification
  • Certificate II, III and IV qualifications in this EAL Framework

3 electives which can be selected from the:

  • General Electives listed in this qualification
  • General Electives listed in the Certificate II, III and IV qualifications in this EAL Framework.
  • units / modules which are first packaged in AQF level 2, 3 or 4 qualifications in other

accredited curricula and / or endorsed training packages.


VU21323 Develop and document a learning plan and portfolio
Speaking and listening
VU21466 Give and respond to a range of straightforward information and instructions
Reading and writing
VU21467 Read and write routine communications and transactional texts
Language Skills
VU21465 Engage in casual conversations and straightforward transactions
VU21468 Read and write straightforward informational and instructional texts
VU21470 Investigate issues in the Australian environment
VU21471 Investigate features of the Australian legal system
ICTICT203 Operate application software package