Support for Learners

Support for Learners

Support for learners every step of the way

A vital ingredient to successful study is support — practical help and encouragement at every stage of the learning journey. That’s why Skills Solutions have built valuable student support into all courses, for you to use when you need it.

Student Support Team

Phone: 03 9329 1224


Monday to Friday 8 am – 6 pm 

Our student support team is available five days a week to answer questions, give advice and offer support. Skill Solutions students are able to pick up the phone and speak to a friendly student support team member who is ready to help with anything you need, including:

  • Induction and help with Go1
  • Course requirements
  • Technical support
  • Fee help
  • Careers and Pathways advice
  • Study tips

When you sign up with Skills Solutions, a Student Support Officer will call you to guide you through the induction process, helping you navigate Go1 and easing you into the module. Our support team is with you all along, offering support through regular emails and phone calls.

Expert teachers, trainer/assessors

You will have a teacher/trainer, who is a subject-matter expert, for each study module. You can contact your teacher/trainer at any time, during the study period, through email or a group discussion board in Go1. Your teacher will also host a weekly webinar to review the week’s course material and answer questions. You can choose to watch the webinar live and ask the teacher questions via live chat (typing) or through your computer camera (voice and video). The webinars are also recorded so you can watch them later, in your own time.


Participate in our Monthly Workshops where your expert teacher/trainer will be available to assist you with any questions regarding course material, assessments or the industry.