The course is fantastic, very practical and the trainers are awesome! All the additional information and support offered by Skill Solutions and the trainers are fantastic! I feel I am part of the family and I feel more confident!!! Thank you for everything!

Thank you Skill Solutions for this presentation. With the help of Mark and the course material, I feel that I am better prepared to continue in the mortgage sector

The course introduced me to new concepts and was interactive. The course gave me the skills needed for my business and the trainer helped the students with their individual needs. The trainer delivered the course material in an easy and accessible way.

I really felt like the team at Skill Solutions cared about me and my education. Both trainers had different styles when teaching which I liked - it showed that personal touch. They encouraged class discussion which was great. I would definitely recommend Skill Solutions over other RTO's.

This was a very well structured course and was delivered in a very professional manner. It was a lot of fun to complete.

Certificate IV in Finance Mortgage Broking  FNS40811

I’d just like to write and thank you and Richard for all the training and help I have received for my cert IV in finance. I really appreciate what a great teacher Richard was and how he was quite happy to fit around my schedule. He is a lovely person and a real asset to your program.

Truly an enjoyable and informative course with inspiring educators. Thank you very much for sharing your stories and knowledge and delivering the course material in an engaging and interesting manner..

Skill Solutions trainers were always available to help clarify my questions. By setting a high standard in the course manual one could infer the answers required for the assignments to also be of a high standard, but within reasonable guidelines allowing for a range of individual backgrounds. Many of the assignments prepared you to work on the necessary procedures and documents to start your own business. The staff were very experienced in the industry and provided personal insight into how they started out in their own mortgage broking careers.

Good training from Skill Solutions trainers. Excellent mortgage broking programme. Highly appreciated and would recommend to any Financial Planners like me. Greatly enhanced my professional qualification, standing and career.

Certificate IV in Financial Services (Finance/Mortgage Broking) FNS40804

I found the information and knowledge I gained was exceptional. Thanks to this course I am able to pursue my new career . The course was delivered in a small friendly environment which made learning easy.

The course was well presented and organised and the knowledge of the trainer was outstanding and her experience in the industry and knowledge she was able to transfer was priceless. The structure of course is clear and easy to understand and flowed through the exercises and assessment with realistic case studies. Delivery was not only professional but it helped us absorb the units required for competency. The trainer was able to deliver not only the skills to be a mortgage broker but they encouraged us and gave the confidence to be a confident and successful mortgage broker.

Diploma of Finance Mortgage Broking Management FNS50311

The course was very helpful in gaining an understanding of topics I wasn’t to familiar with, such as the legislation involved in credit lending, assessing potential clients for a loan, the 6 C’s of lending, the four documents required under NCCPA 2009 for compliance, how dispute resolution works internally and externally (COSL), how and why to become a member of the MFAA or FBAA, working out serviceability calculations that lenders use, the loan application process form the initial meeting with the client to the settlement day and beyond as well as relevant examples and role plays. Further, working through the assessment on developing complex broking options for a client was very helpful in understanding the role of a Mortgage Broker, the loan process and how to help and meet a client’s needs. The course was great in that it covered all the relevant topics. I mostly enjoyed the role play activities and the class interaction as it allowed for a better understanding of how things work in practice such as the telephone interview, when to give the client the necessary documents, how to methodically work through a client’s complex situation. The class interaction was good as it allowed students in the class to gain a better understanding of the information we just read as well as getting different students perspectives on a topic. Since I didn’t come from working in the financial industry I think overall the course was well set out and has definitely given me more confidence in pursuing a career as a Mortgage Broker. Richard was very good at involving every student in the class and would always double check that each student understood what he was talking about in relation to something he had just read from the textbook or a calculation he had just preformed on the white board. Richard would also wait and help any student who didn’t get the correct answer or needed something clarified further before continuing on with the rest of the class. Richard delivered the course material in an easy to understand way through providing relevant examples to something he had just read from the textbook. This would help clarify a topic as it allowed students to associate the text to a real life example. Also through the use of visual illustrations on the white broad that helped to digest the information more easily.

"The course was great, and the trainer Richard Guthrie was fantastic. I believe the course will enhance my skills to be a better Mortgage Broker. Richard certainly catered to the individual student's needs, I have even sent him an email complimenting him on his delivery of the course material."

"We were made to understand and participate in critical thinking.  Looking beyond a given and anticipating other possibilities and changes in circumstances. The training was easy to follow as well as the assistance provided by the trainer. Undoubtedly the training gave me the skills to be a better Mortgage Broker. I am already into my second customer contact. With confidence. In our Cert 4 session there was an African student, a Chinese student , myself from Singapore and another student from India and yet the trainer understood our individual needs and made the delivery seamless. I believe the trainer was able to deliver in ‘easy to understand way’ due to his wealth of hands on experience and knowledge of the industry"

"The course gave me an understanding of some brand new concepts. I really liked Richard’s style and considerable knowledge/experience – I would however have liked to have seen more in class tests ( to ascertain if we had an understanding of some of the aspects covered, ie prior to completion of the Modules ) The course definitely gave me skills that will enable me to be a better Mortgage Broker. Richard always allowed for the student’s individual needs which was great. Richard made sure he delivered the course material in an “easy to understand way”. He has a very approachable manner and combined with his overall knowledge & experience is ideally suited to the training role. His vast ( Bank and Mortgage Broking ) experience is very obvious. It is probably worth noting I chose a “ classroom environment ” to complete both Certificate IV and Diploma ( as compared to an “ online ” training medium ) and I would have no hesitation in recommending Richard as a trainer for both courses."

"The course definitely gave me an understanding of new concepts in the Finance and Mortgage Broking industry. I liked it that the trainer, Richard Guthrie shared his own real industry experience with us. I found the course really helpful in giving me the skills that will enable me to be a better Mortgage Broker in the future. I appreciated the fact that Richard gave me suggestions and advice tailored especially for me. He really made the course material easy to understand"

Diploma of Finance Mortgage Broking Management FNS50310

"The knowledge gained through the small, class interaction, absolutely gave me the the skills to become a better mortgage broker. The trainer made the material easy to understand and allowed for each of the students individual needs."

"The Course gave me a thorough understanding of many various new concepts to improve my professional skills. The course material was delivered in a skillfully, easy to understand way."

"Great Job! The session on growing the practice proved to be very helpful!"

Diploma of Financial Services (Finance/Mortgage Broking Management) FNS50504

The training provided and the trainer have been inspiring. You have really made me feel welcome and I would have no issue in recommending you to anyone wanting to become a Mortgage Broker. Thanks once again and I look forward to dealing with you in the future.

As we were all experienced brokers the trainer delivered a programme that met the students needs. I found the Diploma course a most rewarding experience. I would definitely recommend the course to others in the industry

The Trainer delivered the course in a manner that introduced real life examples which enabled the students to remember the content very easily. The concept of Risk was addressed particularly well by the trainer. She gave us great knowledge with regards to a business plan that the banks require when assessing a commercial deal. It was a pleasure doing the course with Skill Solutions

The training provided by Skill Solutions was great. They provided me with new insights into how to present complex loan scenarios in a simple and convincing way. Thankyou Skill Solutions

I had been referred to Skill Solutions and I am pleased to say that the recommendation was extremely warranted and not only did I find the course to be informative, but also felt engaged through all of my sessions and found the trainer to be not only knowledgeable but also a great communicator in the way the course material was imparted. I do believe that it was the trainer’s knowledge and finance background which truly made the difference.

I really enjoyed the Diploma Course it gave me a much better understanding of the SWOT and business analysis. I also really enjoyed the fact that the training was interactive and conducted into small groups.